True Ghost Stories of the Shoals, Vol. 3

Explore real-life hauntings steeped in legend and truth with author and historian, Debra Glass, in this third collection of True Shoals Ghost Stories. The tales include, among others, the Civil War legend of a Winston County woman who refuses to rest until she wreaks vengeance on the men who murdered her husband, buried treasure guarded by a spectral horse, the mysterious bloodstains marring the floor of a remote Lauderdale County plantation, the tragic tale of a phantom mother who still searches for her lost child, a Civil War doctor who seems to be with us yet, strange occurrences at a local radio station, and the haunting of the historic Muscle Shoals Sound studio. True Shoals Ghost Stories, Vol. 3 features over a dozen spine-tingling, real-life ghost stories with photos and historical accounts. 

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